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Doko closeness with new friends (Adri & Suhandi)

With frequent practice together doko scout and his new friends often meet, chat and collaborate in the task of scouting. With frequent meet and work together eventually doko know a little about the personality, thoughts and attitudes of his new friends.

The first Andri with attractive, cool and neat natural that in likes and was approached by many women both beautiful and ordinary, the passing of time is often approached women finally Andri in saying playboy because frequently change a boyfriend because I get easily not thinking whether he fits the personality and personal attitude, Andri way to get it is not so if there is a woman who wants her Andri last approach was not long before they invented Andri only think of face and body just the main criteria that he has. By having a woman with a beautiful face, smooth, body bohay, sexy and smooth that no one else certainly suited him. Andri living in rural areas still Nearby Jonggol subdistrict, Bogor regency, West Java province, Indonesia, Peundeuy village west Jonggol. His home went into residential streets still red soil, gravel and no cars public transport into the residential home, but although there is no public transport village people are commuting with less use of private vehicles such as motorcycles, although so in settlements the each house even has a head almost every motorcycle even if middleclass people have private cars. Andri time school junior high school has not had the bike although there’s got her brother biased wear outside of school hours and if there is Motorcycle home is not in use by his brother. Andri second child of three brothers of his father as a public transport driver majors Cileungsi and cibinong, her mother as a housewife in charge of all the affairs of the home, brother first a member of the military who have served as a sergeant, he also graduated from junior high schools 1 Jonggol with schools we are living now, and his sister is still elementary schools. This Adnri have thought straight, likes to joke, enjoy entertaining people, love to make friends and do not forget the people who have always been close to him Andri relationships well, solidarity anyone or close friend that is difficult for example Andri ready to help with relaxed without thinking rushed so that so panic. That proximity and the view Andri doko to her new friend.

New friends doko second is Suhandi ordinary people call pendul indeed it is a close call in his village even parents father and mother call pendul call him. Pendul with Andri came from the same village the distance of their homes not so much so natural that they are already so familiar and brother, they often play at the village together even with school graduates up to the same, the person is old already know each other because the parents that his mother is a merchant shop in the village so natural that everyone in the village many already recognize. Pendul has a neat appearance body posture rather large laterally aka fat, decisive, outspoken and have mature thoughts. By having a loud voice and firmly fair he preferred those who knew him within the school he was preferred by senior scouts and even coaches latiah liked his personality that, even among our scouts 1st class who already know close to him consider smb. Head pendul to become chairman and food for thought if a time there is a problem that must be solved in a short time. Pendul first child of 3 brothers, was then sister first had entered sd and sister both still toddlers so that when I go to his house is still being held by his mother, his mother a trader in his village and his father a motorcycle taxi drivers in sealing the Jonggol and sometimes assist the work of his mother home help trade and aid expenditure giving importance to the market to trade and the interests of everyday household. Pendul is a figure that is easily recognized and is familiar with the new people he met perhaps because in a mature manner so that if pendul meets premises older people than it can be adjust with the like-minded and if it met the people below him could be fair and wise so isa more respected and right by the old-new. So the proximity and views doko to her new friend Suhandi (pendul).

The first to meet new friends and scout

from grade one doko follow the scouts and of actively scout the doko get new friends that are familiar to graduate from college and working, at that moment the entire class of the first class of the nine classes from class 1a to class 1i all incoming daylight, which is entered in 1 pm to 5 pm in the classroom because of inadequate classrooms limited if all pupils of grade 1a – 1i, 2a – 2i and 3a – 3i enter all, so the first class which is scheduled to enter noon. For class 1 scout activities carried out in the morning from half past 9 am to 11 noon each day his Friday. Doko that as a first grade students who participated in the scouts must have loyalty to the event with his Friday set off to school every day from morning to scout activities and continued to follow the regular school at 1 o’clock noon to 5 pm.
Moving doko entered junior high school first doko exercise scouts at the clothes scout complete with attributes style dress scouts children up to the fear of mistakes with equipment very neat and complete when viewed by children up to the stage first, but different responses secondary school children, doko look geeky and plain, knowing new child primary school yesterday still warm stepped junior high school, the attributes that exist in the scouts all the wearing of head wearing a beret with the emblem of the red as the raiser, clothes wearing handkerchief red and white with the addition of handball but they are not elected as commander squads of pants buckle brown-headed scout shoots the head with frills attributes scout knife and white quarry. Perhaps if all students in grade one to particularly scouts doko will laugh with burst out laughing because usage which looks neat and complete, but the fact is not doko praised by friends in unfamiliarity even that good, but from the thought doko, doko own it does not know whether praise or mock subtly or even that praise is also not yet know how the scouts were neatly dressed fig pursuant if it has been entered junior high school. until now doko not know where the truth of praise friends mock what really praise or there is something else.
Dressed scout neat that Doko recognized by a school friend not only scouts alone but of other students also even respect him and admire there is one friend who knew doko as national army Indonesia, so doko have many friends in addition to the familiar there is also who only know the name or only familiar face alone but still meet in the street if they know it greeted warmly as already known a long degan friendly attitude and good doko doko still face and back lit with affability.
From since the scout dressed neat and complete the doko met with his new friend comes from scouts as well, no such thing Andri, Suhandi, Jasim, Lutfi, Fajri, Andrea, Lela, Awen and Dede firdaus. Like the little boy first met just say hello, ask shyly sometimes rather long chat asking timetable, teacher, guardian class and exercise schedule next scout. Ask a new school because often meet face to face every day at school and face to face during training scouts and possible matching with doko thinking so quickly familiar with new friends that the scout activists. Even sometimes when home from school when motorcycle doko bring love to deliver these new friends are andri and suhandi by riding the bike because it suhandi and andri house of a village close to each other so it might as well deliver home. That was the beginning of the story doko met with his new friend with the first training school scouts at his junior high school.

The new priority

Beginning of the doko entered junior high school who met with his new friends through extracurricular scout, doko is a village boy who comes from the village mengker Sirnagalih village east part of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. yet its rural villages do not really like that imagine no electricity, no vehicles either motorcycles or cars or red dirt roads are not paved or words in its development is uneven. In the village is already half the town had asphalt roads, the existing electricity and public transport vehicles or commonly called the existing public transport, private vehicles almost every home has at least one motorcycle or if the person already has a middle and upper personal car.

However doko just simple villagers dressed makeshift simple but not shabby, good attitude, a friendly but like low self-esteem. he was the third child of four siblings. Uniquely From school trip her siblings all graduated from elementary school and junior high school are the same, well at this time doko of third child to enter school, junior high school together also advised junior high school in the district Jonggol junior high schools 1 Jonggol is popular schools most students who the school entrance has a rat above average intellectual.

From primary school the same with his many who entered the school so doko of one primary school a lot of unison his but doko not so familiar and loyal to friends 1 primary school graduates his, somehow know why doko even close to his new friend with a profession as activists of the school rather than the school alumni up to his, although so doko not mean forgetting his old friend the doko also often met at the school by joking , chat and not just met at school doko and friends graduate 1 primary school was also sometimes likes to meet in house but is not as intimate encounter with a new friend his junior high school that one profession. Doko meet up with old friends just say hello while joking rare for a chat when there is nothing unimportant.

Playing in his daily life so, willing to go far away, the distance from the place of residence doko maen gathered with his new friends in the junior high school around 4 kilo meters. indeed after primary school doko in love motorcycle for everyday use, although not in love right fully. However, the motorcycle should not be brought school but may only be used after school. Somehow doko become less so close to his old friend only to the extent know what because less comfortable with the interaction or with his thought or because there is no interest or focus the same in school about doko follow activists scout at school so doko prioritizing new from the old.

Over time Doko often played with his new friend so tasteless and unpredictable Doko getting away to hang out with his old friend. Doko itself was not aware of and did not expect that doko so far with his old friend. But perhaps doko not intend to stay away from his old friend doko only intends to approach new friends and do not want to stay away from his old friend, but doko not know how in order to gain new friends and stay familiar with old friends, the more time goes finally to the attitude that such doko, doko so far with his old friends because they never get together and joke, but still recognize his old friends, though not as intimate doko first. so doko prioritizing new from the old. However doko still know and be known by his old friend sometimes only known face alone.

history of basketball

Basketball is considered as a unique sport because it was created by accident by a gym teacher. In 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian sports teacher who teaches in a college for professional students at the YMCA (a container of Christian youth) in Springfield, Massachusetts, have to make a game in a confined space to fill time students during the winter break New England. Inspired by the game he’s ever played as a child in Ontario, Naismith created the game now known as basketball on December 15, 1891.

According to the story, after rejecting several ideas as too harsh and less suitable to be played at the rink-rink closed, he then wrote a few basic rules, placed a basket on the wall of a gymnasium, and asked the students to begin playing the game he created.

Official game basketball first, held on January 20, 1892 at the Dr. James Naismith workplace. Basketball is a term that is uttered by one of his students. This sport was soon well known throughout the United States. Ardent fans placed in all branches in the United States. Game by game was conducted in all cities of US states.

At first, each team of nine people and no dribble, so the ball can only move through the throw. History regulation basketball game starts on 13 basic rules written by James Naismith.